Mercy Johnson banned from Nollywood

mercyEarlier, we reported that Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood star actress was threatened to be blacklisted by Movie producers‘ association under the aegis Film and Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria, FVPMAN; report obtained from Entertainment Vacancy right now has it that, the talented star actress has actually been banned indefinitely by Association of Movie Producers(AMP) and other stakeholders in the movie industry.

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Mercy is banned according by AMP according to Entertainment Vacancy due to the exorbitant charges she charges to take part in a Nollywood movies. They further explained that the ban will serve as deterrent to others in the industry.

Some concerned Nollywood members have called on the Actor Guild of Nigeria to wade into the crisis, thereby resolving it amicably.

16 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson banned from Nollywood

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  2. Wode

    Why should they ban her for God sake? Their reason is not reasonable. Must they use her in their film? Whoever can afford her charge should employ her service or leave her alone. If you think you cannot do without her, then you pay her charges. I know she must have been doing something to get herself improved. Who pays for that? This is quite irritating!

  3. Anonymous

    Mercy just relax what is up will soon come dawn
    ok dnt worry, only be doing what you know is
    good for yourself

  4. Anonymous

    You certainLy do not expect her fee to be same with others stars, do you???…Mercy is upto the task she worth whatever fee she recieves because when she is to diLiver she deLivers if not more than expected. Please the arm shouLd think of how to bring her back. It can’t be the other way, NO.

  5. Annoymos

    Dat’s nonsense. Nollywood lost it’s value d day movie mketers banned geneveive & co. Yes they lost it & it was hard to get until mercy & co cme on board. Jst like geneveive, mercy doesnt beg 2 b pay watever they tink she collects. During d time of geneveive they followed her up & down wit scripts, more than 20 scrips waitin 4 one person. D same tin is happening. God is still God. Thank God, Geneveive is still d biggest in nollywood & byond. Carry go mercy….its not ur fault.

    1. Anonymous

      Mercy is. Da best nd nobody shud disturb.nd 2 mama purity. Yu ar d best bcos. Yu interprete ur scripts..keep glowing….toungue out 4 ur haters….keep. Hatinng nd mama purity. Keep flying high.

  6. Boma

    Please oh mercy is the best oh, if she is banned then 90% of movie lovers will stop watching nollywood movies, she is whot a billion.

  7. Valeria

    This is a planned deal but I bet her haters will definitely hug transformer. she deserves the pay and even if they want her to reduce it they should call her and settle it amicably. The Lord is your Strength @ MJO

  8. Valeria

    I guess you people want to loose your customers because this woman is one of the person (S) that make Nollywood movies sale. so my advice is that they should come back and rethink.

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