The bomber took advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car - Buhari

Buhari Bombing: Arrested Suspect Reveals That Dokubo-Asari Paid Them To Kill Buhari – Details!

The bomber took advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car - Buhari

The bomber took advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car – Buhari

We received reports Yesterday that the clearly homosexual cross-dresser suspect arrested at the site of the bomb explosion on Maj. General Buhari’s life at Kawo market in Kaduna, has said that Asari Dokubo, the Niger Delta terrorizing leader paid N1 million each to five members of the assassination squad to kill the General last week.

A clearly homosexual man dressed as a woman was arrested shortly after the attempt on Buhari’s life in the vicinity of the explosion; and was linked to the assassination attempt according to the DSS. A suicide bomber driving a Toyota Sienna chased and rammed into the General’s car and set off an explosion that injured three aides and killed over 80 at the market close by.

However the reality of the story as it’s most obvious is that the homosexual cross-dresser suspect arrested likely had no connection to the Buhari bombing. Remember the suicide bomber chased the Buhari convoy for a considerable distance before getting close enough to detonate his bombs at the market. It is improbable and frankly impossible for the suicide bomber to have remained unscathed (1), been a cross-dresser homosexual (2) at the same time and been caught by the hopeless Nigerian security services at the scene of the crime (3). That is three impossibilities of equal weight.

The suicide bomber was definitely blown to bits when the car exploded killing dozens in the vicinity; was not gay and was not successfully caught by our barely existent security men. The Nigerian security men simply picked up a cross-dresser queer individual and claimed this was the suspect and later that he was even the master-mind, to pretend some efficiency and wash-away the case.

After beating the ‘gajeezeez’ out of the cross-dresser, he is singing the songs that come to his mind; that “Asari Dokubo sponsored five of them with 1 million Naira apiece to kill ex-head of state, General Buhari.” With the ‘rubbish’ being advertised in this investigation, the APC has described the handling of terror and insurgency in Nigeria as clearly beyond the capacity of the Jonathan government and called on an urgent international investigation of the assassination attempt.

Quoting their statement:

“Could the person who drove the vehicle that was rammed into the General’s convoy have survived the explosion that was triggered by that action? Could the innocent passers-by who died in the blast not have been arrested and paraded as the ‘suspected masterminds’ if they had survived the blast? Clearly, the arrest of the pervert and his sickening description as a ‘suspected mastermind’ have kick-started the process of muddling the waters, as is usually the case with such high-profile cases.”

“This is why an urgent international inquiry into the attack is desirable and imperative, and anyone who is committed to an impartial probe of the attack on the opposition leader should embrace our call.” Media commentators were a bit pleasantly surprised that the usually doubting Asari Dokubo immediately tweeted that he believed the assassination; and explained that he saw it as a plan by elements to cause chaos in Nigeria to enable a military take-over. Assuming he is not the prime suspect spilling the beans, this is evidently some progress in people’s attitudes in Nigeria.

Nigeria is in perilous times.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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52 thoughts on “Buhari Bombing: Arrested Suspect Reveals That Dokubo-Asari Paid Them To Kill Buhari – Details!

  1. Etebele

    The person picked by the military is a gay. It is a common thing in kaduna and Kano, Any attempt to use the gay to rope any enemy and rattle the president may do more harm to the nation. Maturity please.

    1. NEKKY

      my question is why he didn’t die and why must he succeed cos I strongly believe dat his death would have done a lot to us and I don’t see what he is alive doing after all, his mat are already died

        1. Mansiri

          Why did buhari get “bomb prove” vehicle? Is he preparing 4 2015? He has kild too many nigerians by his ultrances. Most northern leaders ar traitors and buhari is not an exceptn. He should beter pray he doest shoot himself on d leg bc all of them: ATIKU, D 1ST APPOINTED EMIR SANUSI, DAngote, shetima & host of others wil fail. Bc GOODLUCK JONATHAN HAS GIVEN THEM WHAT THEY CuLDNT DO FOR THEMSELVES 4 YEARS

          1. tunde

            u foolish o.u ar just mentioning all hausa u know even dangote.the truth is that asari dokunbo and goodluck jonathan ar d pple behind boko haram just to fake it on his opponents from north

          2. akpan takon

            As a politician and a former head of state who is vying for president in 2015 and due to d situation of the country,u expect him not to protect himself.with your common senceveven if d car is made of iron,what guarantee do you have of something not going wrong some where,with your common self how can you start thinking of these kind of suicide as fat as I am concerned,it is a pity that we Nigerians are all sentimental and divided,a right thinking person should analyze the magnitude.buhari does not hv a black mind,thank god d international community have been investigating asari long b4 his assassination plot against buhari,the perpetrators of this act.buharis movement has been under watch for long and they plant there people in strategic locations.generally may god expose the perpetrators of these evil and barbaric acts.

      1. hanz

        sounding as if u re the giver and taker of life.dont assume the position of almighty God,it may be ur turn d next moment.think like a reasonable man and not like cattle.

    2. Rabiu

      The assertion of late Azazi now came into reality that government is the main boko haram. Any one knows the intimacy between Asari and the president therefore, they are know real boko haram and they should be punished for that.

  2. Olaniran

    The country is on fire. Everything seems to be going from bad to worst for Nigeria. How did we get to this mess? Unity of the country is completely destroyed within the spate of three years.

    1. Anonymous

      Gbenga u get problem cover up by d president u say f u really dnt kwn wats to say shut up cos Hw many hav been arrested for d millions,of killing by ur fellows Muslims****

      1. Anonymous

        You a fool and how many Christians have been caught.Or you unconscious when Christians are involved.dumbass fool

    2. cosmaxkelly

      Gbenga u get problem cover up by d president u say f u really dnt kwn wats to say shut up cos Hw many hav been arrested for d millions,of killing by ur fellows Muslims****

      1. Skalezygrillz

        Well,you fool,why always broadcasting when muslims are invloved,were u unconscious when Christians were invloved?What about the great muslim clerics that were killed?were u still asleep??Who the Hell is Asari Dokubo,Is he not a muslim?what is he to Johnathan?was He not caught In Benin Republic as a suspect of Boko haram,and what did Gej ppl should better wake up and seek God,instead of been fools to whatever you told

    3. Mansiri

      Why shuld dokubo be arrested? What about sen. NDUME? Nd others who hav proven lnk wit d zombi bombers? Buhari shuld leav us her alone we dnt hav bomb prove nd bullet proves around us

  3. musa

    The secret is about to exploits, you can keep on killings Innocent northerners. pretending on others or using some rotten people to kills other people. but one day you can take your leave whether u like or not.

  4. sofian

    hahahaha Gbenga, Dokubo shld b arrested & U think so, why is Buhari bomb blast case is not call Boko haram attack, is now pointed to DOKUBO ? Ask urself dis question.

  5. sofian

    Remember Buhari say bomber took advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car. So many tins 2 answer, meaning d Gay man arrested was nt waiting 4 dem in Kawo where d bomb explode, or do u tink he was also following Buhari & d sucide bomber in his own car? Cos d Gay must not be in the site 2 b sure dat Buhari is a victim, any part of d state or world he was, he will recieve d breaking news. So is high time, APC & PDP stop accusing or framing each other, cos any body responsable shld know dat is Human life dos bomb do claim. Cos wen i was readin a news paper where El-rufai says 2days after Gudluck & Buhari hint each other wit words, Buhari was attack by Snipers not by Boko haram. nw APC say Gudluck is nt capable of handling insurgence, PDP say APC cant use Buhari plan bomb 2 spoil PDP names, U can imangine, upto 80 lives went dat day, on Sallal day double bomb in Kano & more lives are @ risk, why nt both parties sit & put heads 2geder 2 find solution preferable an END 2 boko haram

  6. Bayo Lawal-Ughelli

    Nigerians especially the politicians have not enough from both local and international political history. All they know and perfecting on on daily basis are how to get to political office, how to perpetually and forever be in the office and most importantly illegally benefit from the political office. To achieve these,Nigerian politicians are ready for anything at all.

    They say and do any rubbish get what they want for themselves not for the betterment of the people and the Nation.
    Nigerian politicians believe in planing like other politicians in developed and developing countries of the world however, Nigerian politicians’ intentions on planning are dubious, selfish and callous with blurred vision for progress and development.

    They know where the country is and they are empty-headed of better place the country sipposevto be in future! A situation of powerful blind criminals leading a naturally endowed Nation like ours to a promise land. Making Nigerians and Nigeria future to be hopeless.

    Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world but the old and present politicians and their accomplish have turned my people to be begers and totally independent on what their expected aspirations and future should look like.

    The most topical in agenda of Nigerian politicians is ‘ how much to make in a political office’ and of course, the fame attached to the office. They are bundles of pipes through Nigeria fortune is looted!

    You know many people have died in the country due to bad roads? Can imagine the the capital flight from Nigeria to India and some African countries on foreign medical treatments and check ups.Nigeria with many professors of medicine and surgery managing our numerous colleges of Medicine in our universities. What had befallen the UCH and LUTH of those days? What does it take a serious government find out from Management of these great medical institutions on what ate lacking to make these Hospital to be positvely comparable with others in develope anddeveloping countries.
    One of the politicians came to my office one day and was happy to tell me had just come from India where he his son to for treatment of cataract. Cataract out of all ailments must be taken to India!

    On security issue, Nigerian politicians are not proactive at all.America and Israel among other serious nations plan 100 years ahead on security and other matters while governments find it uneasy to plan for a year successfully. What Nigerians are planning for is how to use security votes which they consider as free money for their selfish interest. They act and say anything without consideration for their security implications. Imagine all sort of utterances from different quarters on attempted assassination of retired General Muhammdu Buhari.

    Let me congratulate Mr. President, good people of Nigeria, Nigeria, General Buhari’s families and friends,all politics parties in Nigeria, Nigeria arm forces & police and of course General Buhari on the narrow escape of what could been a very great disaster. We are lucky as a Nation.

    What could have be aftermath effect it would not be easy to imagine. It is only political historians that could have close imagination of likelihood effect. Alas! It is not only Buhari’s death in that circumstance that can put our nation into chaos but all political heavyweights. What I expected from presidency, rulling Party PDP,APC and other opposition parties is congratulatory messages to ourselves.

    If the politicians are scholars and products of political history they will learn how to take care of small things for big things to take care of themselves.

    All of us – the Federal,States and local governments,filling party (ies),military & police and the general public must be united irrespective of our religious, political, ethnicity and cultural diversities to fight the epidemic known as Boko-Haram and other terrorist groups killing our brothers and sisters and kidnapping and abducting our children from schools.
    Please come together as one because Nigeria imbued with many opportunities is greater than all of us. The future and next generations will gudge us according to our intentions and actions. May God bless Nigeria

  7. Charles

    I don’t believe this, all these are just setup 2 bring down d administration of Jonathan. one thing I know for sure is dat dey will not succed

    1. mamman


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  9. Avvah

    Oh boi me i dey fear 2015 elction!if na to Baki is d one rspnsbl for Buhari attck ok My OGA SECURTY na who tried to kil our sheikh abeg do shrp invstg

    1. Anonymous

      The worst enemies of democracy are the politicians. We should unite to call them to order. It is just between the elites and the poor masses of Nigeria. Crisis do not have language, religion or region. The best is to pray and bear in mind that on the last day, (we are ALL accountable to you action. My hope is to see Nigeria where appointments and elections are done base on merit ONLY! Good people are found anywhere in Nigeria. Choose the best to represent you, God bless Nigeria.

  10. Oche Edache

    may be if these queer security services GEJ is running put some innocent pple in trouble, then dey wil believe the inefficiency of GEJ to leading this country. Just imagine the two stories are world apart.

  11. Archibald Etikerentse

    There is certainly more than meets the eyes in all the forgoing. Investigations and thorough panel if possible by an independent body. The clinical approach to these bombings reveals that the people behind them are mass murderers who have a history of blood letting. A people who are cultured killers and are well endowed. When beggers die there are no comets seen, but the heavens themselves give credence to the death of a great man. There is too much innocent blood crying for revenge in Nigeria, from the blood of innocent people from the Niger Delta who died in the wake of the Niger Delta conflagration.
    It is possible that the master minders of these evil acts of aggression have taken their luck too far and its time for well meaning people to rise to the occasion. The last days of military rule in Nigeria quickly come to mind. Days when the government sponsored terrorism to confuse the very victims. What have we not seen in Nigeria.. LET’S RISE TO THE OCCASION THIS TIME AROUND BEFORE GOD VISITS NIGERIA THE WAY HE VISITED SODOM AND GOMORAH. remember the angel who spoke to Lot said it was the ground that have been reporting to God the evil which the people of Sodom have been committing.
    Who know what report the land of Nigeria have been reporting to God for so many years. I want to believe that God in his infinite mercy have left Angels at various spots of his universe which erports and takes actions when triggers are pulled.
    The land of Nigeria have certainly been crying about innocent blood been shed on it on a daily basis most of the thieves who shed this blood are politicians clad in religious uniform. History repeats itself, it happened in many nations already and God has only been merciful, lets not take God’s grace for granted.
    The beautiful and wonderful thing about God’s creations is that they are computerized and only need to take the necessary action when certain predetermined actions are taken. For instance the ozone layer God created gets depleted and there are imidiate repercussions as we see with our climate change what I mean is man would end up destroying himself no matter how you look


  12. Ibrahim Abdullahi

    Allah bestowed his infinite mercy and start revealing the true picture of REAL BOKO HARAM. It’s clear that Niger Delta Militant are the key host of all Evil act takes place in the with the name Muslim sect. Though, for long time Northerners are aware of what happs but mouth to speakout. May Allah reveal more secrete for the World to witness and judge the innocent among Nigerian Citizen ameen.

  13. Ibrahim Abdullahi

    Allah bestowed his infinite mercy and start revealing the true picture of REAL BOKO HARAM. It’s clear that Niger Delta Militant are the key host of all Evil act takes place in the North with the name Muslim sect. Though, for long time Northerners are aware of whats happens but there is no mouth to speakout. May Allah reveal more secrete for the World to witness and judge the innocent among Nigerian Citizen ameen.

  14. YEMI


  15. Anonymous

    I don’t knw y pple are so sentimental. If dis BH are Muslims y 92% of their victims are Muslims n northern brother. pls my fellow southerners think twice in dis issue and if Buhari is member y will he kill his supporters bcos 95% of his supporters are from north. pls my fellow Southerners more especially SE n SS geopolitical zone keep sentiments aside. we are fairing of Nigeria to be divided. To hell with ur Oil afterall many country survived without Oil.

  16. Lloyd

    Seriously Nigeria is a joke. The most corrupt country on Earth who can’t protect it’s citizens and uses gay people as a scapegoat for it’s pathetic responses to crisises like this one (and the 200 plus girls, and all the other bombings etc). Obvioulsy this “confession” was extracted under torture, and even if it is true, whose business is it if he is a homosexual or not? Why are Africans so f*&king obsessed with peoples personal lives? Theres a reason us Westerners think of you as barbarians: because you act like them. Grow up.

  17. hanz

    Every permutations concerning d bh sponsors re pointing at govt and their agents but time will definitely reveal them,nothing last the interim,let them continue to use all sorts conspiracy theories to cover up their tracks.


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