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Osun, the second best of the least poverty state in Nigeria – FBS


Governor Rauf Aregbesola of the State of Osun

Eventually, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) has released its result of poverty rating of the states of the federation, and the seat of the caliphate, Sokoto and Katsina states are on top of the poorest states in Nigeria. Take Sunday Punch newspaper of January 6, 2013 for more detail.

It is quite interesting that Osun under Governor Rauf Aregbesola which some elements who have easy access to some media houses have written off as a state that was being powered by propaganda, because according to them, nothing was happening came out as the second best of the least poverty rating list, meaning that Osun is the second best managed state in the entire country.

Let it be known that the bureau that released the information belongs to the Peoples Democratic Party controlled Federal government. Therefore, it has no reason to compromise data for a state like Osun under the control of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), but empirical data obtained from facts and figures could not be hidden.

In the (FBS) online report, Osun, surpassed Lagos, Abuja and all oil producing states, revealing the magic wand of a policy surgeon called Aregbesola to the world. And for those who knew what obtained in Osun before November 2010, the latest report on the state of the virtuous is phenomenal.

As at 2006, Osun had been written off as a state that could make things happen, because the state was been managed on the life-support machine represented by facilities from financial institutions, but things got worse when workers could not get running cost to manage their offices.

At the close of 2007, the state had rolled to the brink of collapse, for no project was on, no policy was operational, but the people in authority then claimed that it was because the government was contending with distractions from election petition tribunal.

However, very few individual politicians of the then ruling party were richer than some local governments in the state, while made-in-China cars were given to politicians and their wives at the expense of the state, the masses were massively cut-off from the government, making people to contend with top list of poverty rating, that was justified by the then authority that ‘Osun is a civil service state’, for it was the economy that was being run by the salaries of the civil servants, which was not up to the deposit of a Lagos branch of any commercial bank.

It got to a stage when Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s regime had to source loan of one billion Naira to augment salaries of the workers alone every month, making provision of social amenities and job opportunities to be history. Even there was a time the governor was asked to provide job for an indigent individual on his monthly media programme tagged OPEN FORUM; he responded that his daughter too, Bukola was looking for job as well.

So, when the Court of Appeal situated in Ibadan, Oyo state capital pronounced Aregbesola as duly elected governor, the treasury was not only empty, Osun was already suffocating under huge debt of bank loan with two digits interest.

However, Aregbesola had no choice than to tackle the situation, because government is continuum, compelling him to buy out the UBA N18.3 billion loan drawn for pleasure by Oyinlola’s regime through a credit line provided by First bank of Nigeria.

The impossible was made happened when the then new Osun helmsman, in line with his promise to employ 20,000 youth less than 100 days in office. It was so strange that the federal government and the world bank had to quickly dispatch delegations to Osun to understudy the Osun State Youth Empowerment (OYES) scheme.

In a related development, Osun that has no position among the clean states suddenly emerged among the top three of the cleanest states in Nigeria, following the state of emergency declared on environmental sanitation.

Besides, in the recent past, each time flood was being mentioned, Osun must be listed, but when Aregbesola assumed office it was said that his approval was sought for the demolition of hundreds of houses across the state with a view to clearing thoroughfare for water, but Aregbesola brought technology to play by asking earthmoving equipment to move inside steams and rivers for comprehensive dredging and channelization.

By the time rain was falling, the state had been removed from the list of flood prone states, and when flood ravaged over 24 states out of 36 states, Osun was not there, making some affected states to send their field workers to come and understudy how it was curtailed in Osun.

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