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Osun creates 18,000 jobs through youth employment scheme

aregbesola 3

The Osun State Government has created 18,000 permanent jobs through the Osun State Youth Empowerment Scheme, OYES, Rauf Aregbesola, the state governor, said on Tuesday.

In a well-attended ceremony at the Orientation Camp of the National Youth Service Corps in Ede to mark the disengagement of the first batch of the OYES after two years of community service, the governor said the scheme’s success is underscored by its recommendation by the World Bank for other states to adopt as a means of curbing growing youth unemployment.

“We are happy to announce that this effort is already yielding positive fruits in numerous areas where about 18,000 of the cadets passing out today have found permanent job placements,” Mr. Aregbesola said.

The governor disclosed that the scheme created jobs that are hybrid in nature- neither white nor blue collar. He said the OYES was “uniquely designed to take youth off the streets, give them an orientation about public service and the need to contribute to the development of their society.”

The OYES cadets were trained through the government’s partnerships with academic institutions such as Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State University, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Fountain University, Adeleke University and other private and development organisations in the state.

“Two years after, we can now proudly say that our dream has been realised. After the orientation and passing out, the cadets were deployed into various areas of public needs such as public works, sanitation monitoring, paramedics, sheriff corps and [as] traffic marshals.

“Others were engaged at the state owned Oloba farm where they have been working in cattle and ram fattening and in the broiler out-grower scheme,” he said.

The governor said the scheme is aimed at imbibing the youth with positive work orientation and ethics such as self-sustenance, resourcefulness, character and competence, and to give them the self-confidence to forge ahead and overcome life’s numerous challenges.

“Along the line, they were also trained in entrepreneurship and in different vocations of their choice so as to give them what it takes to be on their own and be the masters of their own destiny,” he said.

Mr. Aregbesola said the scheme has a multiplier-effect on the state’s economy as other sectors have also benefited from it.

“I must also let you know that OYES is not about youth employment alone. It is also about re-inflating the economy of the State.

“Every month, the N200 million allowances paid to the cadets sink into the economy of the State. Our backward integration policy requires that all the uniform, kits and equipment used by OYES be obtained from the markets spread round all the local governments in the State. This has created value chain, improved the economy of the State, empowered families and created wealth,” the governor said.

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    My lovely governor,i have to see thank u onbehalf of oyes of oriade LG.More power to ur lebowl sir.My governor we are except our salary for jan and our leave bonus.God,allah is by ur side.Thank you sir.





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